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© 2014, R-design4u

Issued in own management (info@R-design4u.nl)


The tool Spectacles is supplied on a CD with all the necessary files required for the tool to function properly.


The CD Spectacles is only shipped-to the address-after the amount credited on account of R-design4u State. The delivery will take place a week later.


All rights reserved.

1. No part of this tool may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or in any other way without the prior written consent of the Publisher.

2. The user is expressly forbidden to the products in which intellectual property rights are contained, or of R-design4u products subject to intellectual property rights with respect to the use which the user has acquired usage rights-including in this context anyway, but are not limited to, include: computer programs, system designs, procedures, opinions, (model) contracts, rapports, templates, macros, and other intellectual creations-to reveal or exploit to reproduce.


The tool is a personal/business owned by the user.

3. Other than for the purpose of obtaining an expert opinion regarding implementation of the work of the user, the user is not allowed  to give or transfer to third parties any of the products referred to in the second paragraph without the prior written consent of R-design4u.

R-design4u will in such circumstances impose its obligations under this article the third parties engaged by the user.

4. In the case of violation of points 1 to 3 (copyright) the fixed payment shall be due, plus 100% of the amount.

5. Information such as the name and address etc.of the user will be confidentially retained and not used for mailing and/or advertising purposes also by third parties, with exception of an update of the tool Spectacles if the user has so agreed.

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